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The name of this invention is the EZLID.  The purpose of this concept is to make the job of the farmer easier when having to open the lid of a grain bin.  He/She would be able to open the lid from ground level.  The days of climbing ladders or cables/ropes getting tangled or weathered and breaking will be a thing of the past.  Technology has changed so much in every aspect of our lives including agriculture.  However, I noticed that the opening of a bin lid is still done the same way as it was generations ago.  Let’s face it, the size of grain bins are so much bigger and the average age of the farmer is increasing.  Therefore, the Ezlid provides a much quicker, simpler and safer means of opening that lid.


The Ezlid starts with an galvanized arm that attaches to an existing grain bin lid.  Attached to this arm is an acuator with a 12″ stroke.  The base of the actuator has a swivelling clamp that is attached to the cone of the bin.  On the aluminum arm is six different installation points for the actuator arm.  This allows for the lid to open to a 110 degree angle no matter what the pitch of the cone is.

The control box is equipped with a toggle switch which allows the user to isolate the power to the bin they want to open the lid on.  Therefore, if the control box is centrally located , you can control more bins.  The benefit of a toggle switch is that the user can open the lid anywhere from 0-90 degrees which comes in handy for aerating the grain.  Another use of the Ezlid is that an actuator can be used to open the slide door on the bottom of a hopper bin.


I live in an area where agriculture is the backbone of our economy, therefore I see grain bins being used on a regular basis.  I see farmers climbing ladders or using ropes or cables the same way they did from the beginning.  The advancement of technology in the agricultural industry has increased so much over the years, yet the way farmers open the lid hasn’t.  I believe the Ezlid is a much quicker, easier and safer way to open your lid.

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Temperature Control Box Actuator