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Installation Instructions

When you receive your Ezlid package you will find the lid control arm as a flat galvinized arm. Remove the pre-cut tabs from the arm and bend arm to the desired setting (different installation points for different slopes).  Mount the arm to your existing lid by bolting the four points on the base of the of the arm onto your existing lid. Then mount the base bracket to the cone of your bin to give your lid the desired 110 degree opening.  Attach the base of the actuator to the pre-cut slabs, (this will look like the actuator is upside down, but it will prevent any water from running down into the motor. Even though the actuators are weatherproof, I recommend installing this way to reduce the chance of water running down the shaft and into the motor. Then proceed to cut the end of the your actuator wire and extend it to the needed length using 14 gauge wire and attach a 3 prong male plug, this will be connected to your power supply.